Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next season off to a good start!

Great new group of people in the Jane Club!  Two hours flew by!  Welcome to Pat, Sally, Fran, Linda and of course welcome back Flo!  Pat, I'm thrilled that you got "hooked" enough at the Meet the Teachers that you decided to jump in.  Linda you are definitely an addict!  How did you get so many blocks done along with everything else you're doing?  And Sally,  already you have designed your own Jane!  Love your fabric choices  and definitely you have to bring your first 9 inch block  next time.  Flo, your paper piecing is wonderful --- and your itty bitty triangles on our Mac and Muff block are great!  I didn't get a picture of it this time, so bring it again next month - I want to put it in our album next to your block without the itty bitty triangles!!!!  LOL!  Fran, love the tool box!  When I saw you come in, I thought you had one of the very early "portable" computers with you!  Your fabrics are great - amazing how you and Sally are both choosing to do the quilt in Red/Blue.  I'm going to email you the picture I took last night - maybe it's a small enough file for you to use in your blog follower picture.

Don't forget to check out the Tiger Lily Janiac Album on Photobucket so you can see the latest.  Also check out the Bennington Jane slide show - the pics should show better on your computers than they did in last nights' light.

Next months challenges are I-9 Chase a Myth and BR 4 Candy Dish.  See you all then!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear Jane at Bennington

We had a great weekend in the Berkshires and the best was getting to see the Jane Quilt at the Bennington Museum.  I'm going to try to put a link here to the slide show on photobucket - the museum allowed pictures as long as there was no flash, so these were taken with my iphone, but they seem fairly decent.  Lighting around the quilt was low.  The museum has had the quilt since the 1920's but they don't know where it was before that according to one curator.  It's in absolutely amazing shape with only a little fading in the upper right corner.  The quilt is oriented 90 degrees to the right (from Brenda's layout in Dear Jane), making Block J-12, Rebecca's Basket upright rather than tipped to its left.  Click on the link to see the slide show!!!!!!!!Dear Jane Bennington Slideshow

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Session Starting

We have a few new members signed up for the next session of the Dear Jane Club.  Welcome so far to Linda, Fran, and Sally and of course, welcome back to Flo.  For anyone else who would like to join the "cult", there's still time.  This sessions meetings will be the last Wednesday of September, October, November and December from 6 PM - 8 PM at Tiger Lily.  At the meeting on September 29, I'll do a brief overview of the software for those of you who are new so please bring your laptops if you want to play!  We'll also talk a bit about documentation and organization.  Bring your show and tell, and something to sit 'n stitch.  Also, come with ideas for focus topics for the next three sessions as we'll plan them.  And, of course, dont forget your challenges!!!!  (See the post below!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Late Late Late!!!!

Sorry I'm so late posting after our last meeting!  We met upstairs, and Flo had to travel between two classes as she was signed up for both!  You did great Flo!  We missed Marilyn and Deb and I was so focused on our applique tutorial that I forgot to take pictures!!!!  What a shame.  But, we did manage to get a good start on both reverse applique and cut away applique.  Nice work Pat and Flo.

This was our last meeting of the summer session.  So it's time to resign up if you want to continue.  I know we have one new member - Linda A - joining us and Flo, I know you signed up again.  Meet the teachers is going on this Sunday at Tiger Lily, so if you didn't sign up and want to, here's an opportunity!

Before I forget (a problem I seem to be having lately!!) our challenge blocks for our September meeting are:  B-12 Starflower and RS-8 Love Forever.  These will give us a chance to practice those applique skills.

Our next meeting is September 29.  Our topic for that evening is Organizing and Documenting.  I know there are some questions about the software, so bring your laptops if you want - I do a quick recap.  Be sure to bring something to sit 'n stitch and of course your show and tell.  SOMEBODY remind me to take pictures!!!!